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Importing Flowers
by Air

If you are importing flowers by air you need to use a company with specialist knowledge. Our clients know that we will take care of all the requirements on their behalf be it a shipment of stock for a nursery or Show Plants for an International Flower show.

Some flowers such as Orchids can be subject to CITES regulations and require temperature control. Before we import plants we need to know your requirements to make sure they arrive on time and in good condition.

We deliver from London Heathrow Airport to flower shows across the UK including RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the RHS Flower Show Malvern.

Shipping Alcohol

We have been shipping alcohol for over two decades by air and sea. Our air freight service is offered from our London Heathrow Depot delivered to the airport on our dedicated vehicle. Sea freight can be either Full Loads loaded at your depot or LCL shipments loaded in groupage containers.

Alcohol is not usually classed as Hazardous Cargo if packaged in bottles, but shipments of bulk alcohol in drums can be considered dangerous.

Alcohol shipped to or via the USA is subject to FDA regulations, we are able to complete FDA
declarations on your behalf.

We hold a Movement Guarantee with HM Customs allowing us to handle Duty Suspended goods.

Shipping Food

Before shipping food you need to make sure you have checked the legal requirements of the destination country. There are many standards that you must meet for any items for human consumption including the US FDA regulations for any goods going to or via the USA.

Once you know you can send your goods it is time to work out how you will send your goods. We have years of experience in shipping food by both air and sea and can advise on the mostappropriate service for your goods. Among the things to take into account are the shelf life and temperature requirements. The inside of a shipping container can reach temperatures in excess of 40 degrees C in the summer and drop well below freezing in the winter, so the time of year can play a large part in your decisions.


For every obstacle there is a solution, we just need to know your requirements so we can give you
the solution.


Imports arriving into the UK require a declaration to HM Customs know as a Customs Entry. The exception at the time of writing this are goods from the EU, but that will change. The purpose ofthe customs entry is to determine the amount of Duty and VAT to be paid on the goods. As an Import Agent we can complete the Customs Entry on your behalf for Air Imports and Sea Imports and arrange to have the goods delivered to your door.

Companies importing goods will need an EORI number from Customs before they can bring
goods in Private individuals importing personal goods will need to get a TOR1 transfer of residence if they
are moving to the UK from overseas.

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